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An interview with candidates for a job involves not only asking questions that will help identify the best choice for the role but also representing the university in a positive and appealing light. Interviews must also comply with a set of best practices to ensure the selection or rejection of a candidate is not based on their age, race, gender, religion, or other discriminatory factors.
The interview is an opportunity for the interviewer to answer questions about the position, discuss the candidate’s background and experience, and decide which candidate is the best fit for the position. All candidates should be interviewed in a consistent manner to ensure no bias. The candidate will typically ask questions to find out more about the position and the department. Both the interviewer and the candidate should be well prepared for the interview.
To prepare:
Review the Learning Resources on best practices for hiring faculty.
Watch the “Interview Candidates” video of the interview of the three potential candidates.
Apply the principles of interviewing best practices to evaluate the candidates using the “Candidate Ranking Interview” rubric. Use the rubric to rate the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses.
After watching the interviews of the candidates, consider:
The background and expertise of the candidate
Whether the candidate meets the goals of the Grand City Mission Statement and Strategic Plan
The candidate’s interview characteristics
The candidate’s description of their teaching practices to achieve learning-focused goals
The interview itself in terms of setting, the interviewer, and the questions asked



Post an initial response to the Discussion question where you identify your first choice for the position and justify your choice of candidate.
Use the Candidate Ranking Résumés and Interview rubrics to explain your choice of how this candidate best represents the interests and expectations of the University, the Department, and the needs of students.
Highlight any specific strengths or background from the cover letter, résumé, or interviews that made this candidate stand out as the right recommendation and fit for this position.
In Week 5, you selected a potential candidate based only on his or her résumé, cover letter, and references. Explain whether your choice of candidate changed after watching the interview video. Explain what you think of the interview itself in terms of setting, the interviewer, and the questions asked.

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