SOCIAL SCIENCES POLICY ANALYSIS of Australian Refugee/Asylum Seeker Policy – (mandatory detention/offshore processing)

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CASE STUDY: SOCIAL SCIENCES POLICY ANALYSIS Social science analysis of an area of policy – Australian Refugee/Asylum Seeker Policy – (mandatory detention/offshore
processing). Critically analyse, critique, move beyond, come with creative critical ideas, what is missing, where is the gap, what out should be there, what are the
limitations, and consequences haven’t been addressed, you are not limited. When making a claim, you have to provide evidence. Use the citation to support your
regiment. support the argument with examples.
we can use 2 essential resources and build upon. Importantly, mention what is the tension between global and national engagement, what is the role of United nations
and human rights
This assessment takes the form of a social science policy analysis of a chosen policy area
Your task is to build on the work you have completed in Assessment 2 by undertaking an analysis of the broader social, economic, political and historical factors
operating within your chosen policy area. Your single-case for this case study is the policy you critically reviewed in assessment 2.
Your policy analysis must address the following:
• Locate the policy you reviewed as part of assessment 2 within the broader policy area within which it is located (i.e. public health, counter-terrorism,
refugee/asylum seeker, higher education). ·

• Identify the social, economic, political and historical factors shaping the implementation and development of your chosen policy in the relevant policy area. Here,
you must provide an analysis of the relationship and intersection between various aspects of the policy making process, including relations of power/interests,
operating within the relevant policy area.

• You must support your argument with evidence when determining factors that are currently at play and factors that have been overlooked.

In order to complete this assignment, students must:
Actively participate in the online discussion 3 forum · Clearly address all of the points above · Demonstrate critical engagement with all aspects of the policy
process and all relevant readings from Weeks 1-12 · Produce a social science analysis that demonstrates your understanding of and engagement with the policy literature
· Produce a social science analysis that is well written, edited and referenced · Use a minimum of 10 scholarly sources. It has to be academic Scholarly resources
You can connect between the policy formation and policy implementation
Global policy making
Idea of elitism
Use theoretical ideas through the workshops
Note: You can use an essay format to structure your work. Your introduction must identify the policy area that will form part of your social science analysis. It must
also document the approach you will take to analyse your chosen policy area. Your body section must contain headings that address the content noted above. Your
conclusion must contain a summary of your analysis. The purpose of this assessment is to demonstrate your understanding of the policy process and your ability to
analyse a relevant policy area.
support your position using relevant literature, empirical evidence and a convincing argument.


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