Discussion on Faulker and Modernism


William Faulker is one of the best known writers of modem times. He is proudly claimed by Mississippi as a native son. This brief biography of Faulkner is very interesting and will give you a good over-view for this lesson
The whole body of Faulkner’s writing, his short stories and novels, is set in a fictional county of Mississippi called Yoknapatawpha , which is modeled after his home town of Oxford, Mississippi. When all of his fiction is taken together, a whole society of Southem life is developed with his characters falling into three classes of society: the aristocrats, the poor whites, and the Negroes. The stories you will read this week portray his classes very accurately. “Barn Burning” is about a family of white share-croppers; That Evening Sun” is a riveting story of a Negro woman, and both stories have aristocrats involved.
William Faulker won Pulitzer Prizes for two of his novels and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1949.
Read “Barn Burning” and That Evening Sun’ from two PDFs attached: -Barn_Buming.docx -That_Evening_Sun.docx
Point of View
The point of view of these two stories makes them especially unique.
“Bam Burning” is third person limited point of view, which means that the story is written in the third person, but that the narrative is focused on one character alone, Salty Snopes. This means we see everything from Sarty’s point of view and can have insight into his feelings, thoughts and motives. Take notice of the italicized parts of the text which are Sarty’s inner thoughts.



The point of view of That Evening Sun” is first person limited. Quentin, the oldest of the three Compson children, but still a young boy, tells the story. He doesn’t always understand all of the events that he narrates.

1) Recall the definition of Modernism from PDF attached (Modernism.docx) and discuss how that philosophy is found in the two pieces you read by William Faulkner.


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