Financial statements for your firm


At this point you have examined three years of financial statements for your firm. You have also determined their sustainable growth rate as well. You have also learned about various financial ratios.
Use this spreadsheet for the information needed to complete this assignment.
In a comprehensive summary of your firm, provide the following financial information for your firm for the last two years.
Revenue Net Income Profitability Ratios Gross Profit Margin Net Profit Margin Return on Assets Liquidity Ratios Current Ratio Market Ratios Earnings per Share Price to Earnings Ratio Debt measures Debt to Asset Ratio Explain what each ratio and piece of financial data means and explain the trends in each; are they increasing or decreasing and is this trend positive or negative for the firm and why? Using the information from IP4, summarize an explanation of the Sustainable Growth Rate for your firm and what it means for your company

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