Inequality based on sexual orientation





Review how a social problem is discussed in sociology. critically evaluate existing sociological theories and studies in order to provide a context for your own research question and hypothesis.
Step-by-step Guide
1. Review all three articles using the following criteria: a. What are the three articles about? b. What are the main ideas and findings of the articles? How do they differ and what do they have in
common? c. How do the articles help us shed light on the social problem you picked? d. What methods do the articles use and are there any methodological limitations? e. In what respect do the three
articles shed light on a problem or question?
2. Formulate a research question based on your literature review. Your research question should be derived directly from your discussion of the three research articles. Keep in mind that a research
questions should be a “real’ question in the sense that a) you should not know the answer until you have done empirical research and b) your question should be answerable after having done
empirical research.


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