Find the most recent information on the major economic components… GDP, C, I, G, X, and NX (note that NX=X-M) and see how they have been changing over the last few periods. Be sure to
differentiate between real and nominal measures and use real values in your discussion. Also discuss the expenditure versus the income approach to determining GDP, use some of the material from
econport for this and remember a dollar of spending by someone is a dollar of income received by someone else. Develop a graph of real GDP over the most recent 8 quarters you can find (four
quarters of three months each in a calendar year). Inflation and Deflation (See the BLS) What are they? How are they measured (be sure to discuss various ways inflation is measured)? Why are they
important? What does it mean to you? Get some current data to show what has been happening to prices. Use econport information here. Employment What are the main measures and how are they related?
Who collects the data? Where do you go to get it? What can you do with it?



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