A Human Resources (HR) Perspective

A Human Resources (HR) Perspective: Diversity Training and Assessment Programs

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You will examine workplace diversity assessment tools and develop a step-by-step plan for an organization’s training program.

Assignment Details:

Write a 500-word paper. Consider all your readings and videos this week. You are the director of training for a company. You have been asked to develop a step-by-step training program, along with one assessment tool that will be used to assess its effectiveness.

Propose an organizational training program, and provide one assessment tool. Explain why you believe the training program and assessment tool you chose will be effective.

Submission Requirements:

• APA format is required, which includes:
o Title page
o 12pt. font in Times New Roman and double-spaced
o Reference page, with in-text citations
• Entire paper length should be 500 words or more.
• Include an introduction and conclusion (included in word count!)

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