Critical opinion piece

Critical opinion piece

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“Individuals differ on many variables including competencies, personality, disability, values, appearance, age, ethnicity, to name just a few. Levels of diversity are
increasing; and diversity offers potential benefits and costs for a group or organisation. What can managers do to manage diversity? From your reading consider some
management behaviours which will foster appreciation and tolerance for diversity. To what degree and under what circumstances managers should vary the way they
interact with and try to motivate their staff? What factors determine the need for managers to change their style according to who they are interacting with and the
circumstances? What are the circumstances where all staff should be treated identically rather than individually?”

You will need to refer to additional literature to support your judgements and you will need to reference those materials. In conjunction with your reading, you can
reflect on your own experiences in the workplace, if appropriate.


Evaluation criteria:

Content: clear understanding of the topic and concepts; adequate coverage of the topic and relevance of the material; application of material.

Research: evidence of adequate depth and breadth of research (a minimum of 10 academic references are required). Academic references include text books, journal
articles and conference papers.

Reasoning: a logical argument and critical discussion

Presentation: essay format and structure with Harvard (author date) style referencing and correct reference list. Appropriate structure, word count, grammar and
expression. An appropriate level of paraphrasing is also expected.

Note: in an academic essay, you are expected to demonstrate to your reader that you have a position, argument and perspective on the topic.


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