FAQ brochure to communicate the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) role



Create a written FAQ (frequently asked questions) brochure to communicate the Advanced Practice Nurse (APN) role to an assigned stakeholder segment in the healthcare community. The brochure will
use language appropriate to the stakeholder group, accounting for literacy, historical and present engagement with nurse practitioners, professional and ethical cultural considerations, and health
reform implications. Although APA formatting style need not be employed for this document (except for references), the student should create a well-written piece that is free of colloquial
expressions, cultural or biased language, reflecting APA style considerations with plagiarism no more than 10%. Directions: 1. Select a stakeholder group. 2. The FAQ brochure should address
relevant issues related to history, credentials, education, titling, role in the healthcare team, reimbursement and regulatory issues, and other areas of concern to the stakeholder population. 3.
In addition to the FAQ brochure, the student will assemble an annotated bibliography of a minimum of five (5) document source materials for identifying stakeholder concerns and information about
the APN role. 4. Provide references and annotated bibliography using APA 6th ed. Format. 5. Combine the brochure and annotated bibliography into one document. 6. Possible Stakeholder groups
include: • Legislators or Government Officials • Health Care Groups or Institutions • Consumer Groups or Associations • Medical Groups or Associations • Community Groups • Advocacy Groups •
Academic Groups • Provider Groups


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