International Business Country Analysis



Choose any country in the world. 1) First briefly summarize its current trade relations with New Zealand and highlight one industry (product or service) that might have a bright future as an export from New Zealand to that country OR one industry (product/service) that you would expect to be successful as an export from that country to New Zealand. Support your predictions with reasons/expert opinions. About 1 page2) Then identify one company from New Zealand that has not already exported/invested in the country you chose but would stand a good chance to do so successfully. Support your choice by arguments, i.e. explain why you think this particular company would be successful in the country. About 1 page3) Then highlight the main risks (political, economic, legal & business/other risks) that the New Zealand firm would face in the selected country. About 1 page4) Please reference your sources and feel free to add tables or figures in the appendix to support your analysis. (Not more than 2 pages of references and appendix in total.)

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