IT Architecture and Infrastructure




QUESTION 11. IT Infrastructure is concerned only with the physical hardware makeup of an Information Systems environment? True False0.25 points   QUESTION 21. When referring to a systems ability to scale with the infrastructure.  Scalability means the ability to increase the density of individual systems. True False0.25 points   QUESTION 31. ITIL is short of Information Technology Infrastructure Library? True False0.25 points   QUESTION 41. To create a GRID both the business units and IT need to work together to purchase the most robust and scalable systems by which to create the GRID from. True False0.25 points   QUESTION 51. VM or Hypervisor & Paravirtualization must both be used to be considered “virtualized?” True False
Q1You have just joined a five-year-old company.  They started as a mom and pop do it yourself home financing company.  Within the last few years, they have grown to over 1000 employees with revenues well beyond $100 Million a year.  The mom, in this mom and pop shop, has always been in charge of the IT Infrastructure.  Pop hired you because now that they are getting larger they need some standards, governance and processes put around what is done.   Pop has been out surfing the internet and found this thing called ITIL that he wants to implement within the organization.  But..  he also does not really know what an IT Infrastructure should do.  What he is look for from you, as your first assignment, is to tell him and mom what six areas/aspects of technology does Infrastructure Cover?  Secondly, what is the role of ITIL within those areas/aspects

Q2You are in the business of building a better, more sophisticated toaster oven.  Your dream is to one day be able to replace the Blender, Toaster, Coffee Maker and food processes with one counter top device.  Needless to say..  you have not been overly successful as of yet.  Your revenue stream is limited to your one invention, a coffee maker that roasts the beans for you providing for optimal taste.  You know that one day you, and your three competitors in the all in one kitchen device market will make it big.  But..  YOU want to be the first.  You’re niece who is a math major at MIT told you how you might be able to use math to test your devices electricity use, heat generated, likelihood to blow up your kitchen using a computer vs. having to manually create working models of your devices.  What you need to know, without looking like the stupid uncle, is..  What the heck is a GRID?  Does anyone REALLY use math and computer models to create things before the build them?  If so..  Who and how do they split up the work because right now you have three other employees whose full time job is model creation.  And lastly..  is this something that maybe you could patented and “lease” out the usage of it to your competitors?









Q3o Create a virtualization model for a company with the following attributes.  This is a row boat design, manufacturing, distribution and sales company.  They do IT ALL from the raw materials selection down to delivering the final product to the end user. Assume they have all the attributes of any company with this size infrastructure.  This would include website, point of sale, SQL database, analytics for system modeling, R&D graphical design, marketing, payroll,  HR.  The big wigs want to take advantage of the ratio savings created based on the type of virtualization used.  Focus on all aspects of virtualization to leverage every possible capability 1. 1. i. 500 x86 wintel environment servers1. 70% single CPU2. 30% Quad or greater CPU3. 50% have direct attached disk4. 50% leverage a shared disk environmentii. 150+ wintel desktopsiii. 50+ mixed OS laptopsiv. 4 shared disk environmentso Create a working virtualized model that incorporate the attributes above and delivers a complete business focused environment.


Q4o Create a business that would benefit from the attributes unique to Utility computing.  What does it take to create and support a utility environment.  You are the CIO of this company that is just about to open their doors.  You have a budget of 15 million dollars and a goal to deliver a holistic utility model.



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