Major Depressive Disorder and Suicide Attempt


1. What types of OT interventions are appropriate for your client? Name at least 5 different interventions.
2. What is your rationale for each of these interventions? (This should answer the question: why are you doing this?)
3. What are examples of adaptations of environment, tools, materials, and occupations that you could suggest to this client? Give at least one example of each (environment, tools, materials and
occupation). Use the OTPF 3rd ed. as your guide.
4. What types of assistive technologies and devices would you recommend in addition to the adaptions you mentioned earlier? Be sure to include the names of the devices, where to obtain them, and
how much they cost.
5. How, as an OTA, will you address your patient’s performance, participation, or well-being? Give a few examples for each category.


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