Persuasive Essay on Equality



In “A Jury of Her Peers,” Susan Glaspell argues that women are judged unfairly by the men in their society.  Because the story is set in the early 1900s, some readers argue that the story’s theme is relevant to that time period.  They maintain that it faithfully captures the way men viewed and often treated (or mistreated) the women in their lives.  However, these readers also argue that this story does not relate to America today.  Do you believe that women have finally achieved absolute equality in America today?
In order to answer this question, consider your personal experiences and those of the women in Glaspell’s story.  Analyze the various men who judge Minnie Foster.  Does each male figure seem to represent a separate part of society?  You might consider the farmer, the lawyer, the sheriff, and the husband.  Interpret what you believe Glaspell is arguing in her story.  Use this analysis to help you reflect upon American society today.  To help your analysis of both the story and today’s society, you might also consider the women’s role in the story.  Do their actions reveal any pattern of behavior in women today?  Use these questions to help you develop a clear stance on the question posed in the first paragraph, but do not discuss the story in your essay.
Consider the following as part of your main points to develop in each body paragraph. Are women treated equally in the following areas of society?Workplace or corporate level Legal arena/politics  Social norms/cultural traditions Family structure  Individual level Education Military Religion Entertainment

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