Verbal and Nonverbal Communication and Listening Skills in Film Clips





Analyze the communication that occurs in the film clips listed below. Analyze these film clips according to what you have learned about verbal and nonverbal communication and listening skills. After viewing the film clips, write a paper that analyzes and defines the concepts you see demonstrated in the film clips. As a guide to preparing your paper, review the key words at the end of each chapter to identify important concepts and processes to look for in the film clips. Then, locate examples of as many of these concepts and processes as you can in the communication film clips you view. You may want to view the film clips more than once to be sure that you catch everything. When preparing your analysis, be sure to give examples from the film clips to support your paper. Include at least three scholarly references
Alice Walker Videos: Video 1 – “Everyday Use: Dee’s Arrival Video2 – ‘Everyday Use”: Dee’s Conflict Video 3 – “Everyday Use: Quaint Southem Meal
Keywords: Identity Refledted Apprails Looking-Glass Self Particular Others Generalized Other Self-Fulfilling Prophecy Sterotype Threat Self-Concept Self-Esteem Self-Respect


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