Critical thinking THE ODYSSEY

Critical thinking THE ODYSSEY

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**can you please let me know the proposal for the paper by Thursday night oct 12. I will leave a generous a tip if I get a grade on this paper as well

please formulate a critical response to The Odyssey A critical response identifies subtle issues that the text is dealing with in its content, its form, or both. It
then elaborates how exactly the text achieves its goals with regards to these issues, and discusses why these issues matter.

In the journals, you have worked on skills that you should demonstrate in this paper. You have practiced close reading skills, looking carefully at the language of the
text and how it achieves its goals. You have also considered how the texts tackle broad human issues, and in my comments I have asked you to work on the rigor, care,
and precision of your analysis on these topics.

I encourage you to begin work on your paper by reconsidering your journal responses and my comments on them. You are welcome to use a journal entry as the starting
point for your paper, but it is not a requirement. An important caveat: most of the journal entries direct your thinking with one or more questions. The argument for
your paper should NOT be a simple answer to one of the journal questions – instead, it must be an insight of your own.

As you are deciding on the topic for your paper, make sure your thesis is unique, critical, and debatable. This means that your thesis should be an interesting insight
that other people may not have already had, your argument should require you to synthesize several pieces of information from the text in a rigorous and creative way,
and your overall claim should be controversial enough that you need to work to convince your reader of its validity. Make sure that your argument demonstrates that you
have read your source text(s) closely and carefully. This means not only that you must build your argument using pieces of evidence from your source, but also that
your argument must show your understanding the text as a whole.
Paper must 5 full pages and no more than 7
Before you begin writing your paper, you let me know a proposal for the paper. by Thursday


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