Examine Possible Validity Issues



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Use one of the research topics you selected (can words from a non-previously exposed language be memorized during hypnosis?) and examine validity issues that may present in attempting to study the
1. Define the following terms in your own words
o Variable
o Operationalization
o Sample
o Scale
o Measurement
o Measurement error
o Causation
o Plausible rival explanations
o Hypothesis
o Reliability
o Unit of analysis
o Four main types of validity (conclusion, internal, external and construct)
2. Explain how the terms are relevant to a study investigating as you have conceptualized it at this point. If you have not yet conceptualized a study, make one up or use one you read about in a
previous course.
3. Describe any issues, including threats, which you might encounter in putting together a study on the research topic you have selected.




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