Muteu Health Sector Plan Evaluation 2011 – 2016




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One of the gaps in the current Muteu’s Health Sector Strategic Plan is an evaluation. As one of the conditions for its financial and technical support to the Muteu Ministry of Health, the Australia
Government has requested that the next plan for Muteu should include an evaluation plan clearly outlining how it will assess the success of its next plan. Based on your review of the Muteu health
sector strategic plan, suggest a blueprint of an evaluation plan that the Muteu’s Health sector can adopt in its new plan based on the priorities, overall goal, objectives and strategies which you
identified in your initial review.
Your task as an external consultant;
Drawing on the initial review of the Muteu health sector plan from your first assignment, develop an evaluation plan on behalf of the Muteu government addressing the following evaluation

A clear logic frame that presents the relationship of the proposed priority needs for the next plan, planning context, the inputs, outputs, outcomes, impact (long-term outcomes) and performance
Drawing on three key priority areas which you identified in your first assignment, what should be the focus of the evaluation in order to generate useful information for assessing the success of
the Muteu’s next health plan?
What evaluation type (s) and design (s) will be appropriate?
What evaluation questions need to be answered and type of data need to be collected?
What methods of data collection will be appropriate?
Who needs to be involved as key stakeholders for the evaluation process and why?
Who will be the main users of the evaluation results?
How will the findings be disseminated to the relevant users?
List resources which will be required for the evaluation.
Indicate an estimated timeframe for the evaluation.



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