Permanent Court of Arbitration



Write a five page, double-spaced essay based on this hypothetical scenario:
Congratulations.  Because of your knowledge of international law, you have received a paid internship doing socially worthwhile work. It is for a social justice nongovernmental organization that
deals partly with public interest law.  Your supervisor (Kim, a nonlawyer) has asked for you for background information on competing approaches to international law.


Compare at least two lenses or approaches to international law, however described: o Traditional, state-centric, classic (described in but not advocated by Epps and Buergenthalo Contemporary, modern, positivist, legalistic (Epps, Buergenthal)o World order, activist (Davis) Choose approaches from at least two of the groups. You might also (but need not) mention realist or power politics approaches to world politics in which international law plays a minimal role.• (20%) Discuss how a lens or approach: o Affects how we think about jurisdiction (Territorial and extra-territorial); and o Affects how we think about sources: Where do we look for international law?o Affects the way we think about participants in international law, including international legal persons• (20%) Discuss two or three examples from Davis and at least two cases from Epps which identify relevant participants, principles of jurisdiction, and/or sources of international law (be
sure to use examples from different countries) o Do the examples reflects particular approaches?


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