Research Critique of a Quantitative Research Report






(1) Select a quantitative research report (article) of interest to you and published between 2012 & 2017; (2) critique the research report and (3) determine both the strengths and weaknesses of
the research. APA includes cover page, abstract, content of the assignment, conclusion, references
• In the Introduction of your Summary Report provide a reference citation in APA format for the selected article.
• Use the guideline to critiquing quantitative research reports in Chapter 20 (pp. 299-304) to guide your report. This is a “checklist” of the criteria used to critique a research report. If an
item does not apply please note that and the rationale; do not omit any critique items. In addition, a yes or no answer is not sufficient for a critique.
• For the Conclusion discuss if you would or would not change your practice or recommend that your colleagues change their practice based on the findings of the study. Provide the rationale for
your recommendation.


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