Research Critiques and Synthesis


Research Critiques and Synthesis
This order is two pages, and here are the instructors,
Write a paper following the steps below. The introduction of the paper should describe the topic you have selected to research and why you chose that topic.

1- Locate two articles from the EFSC ( eastern Florida state college) library and two Internet articles related to your topic of interest.
2- Write a critique on the scholarly studies from the library and the Web site articles.
3- Scholarly: Evaluate the credibility and reliability of the study found in the EFSC library. (Use the Research Study Template for guidance) Research study evaluation
template.docPreview the documentView in a new window
4- Web: How did you determine whether the information on the Web site was credible? Learning to critique the information found on the Web is essential and supports a
critical review process.
5- Reflect on the research process you used and include any knowledge you gained about conducting library and Internet research.
6- What did the research contribute to your topic? Create a synthesis of the key findings and outcomes from your four papers (combine the info on your topic from the
articles) the paper should include an introduction (no heading on the introduction – at the end of the introduction, include a statement for the reader about what the
paper will cover (a thesis statement). This paper needs three primary sections (with headings) – the critiques of the articles found, the reflection on the research
process you used, and the synthesis of the research found. Papers should also have a conclusion – in the introduction, you told the reader what you were going to tell
them and the conclusion should tell them what the research paper told them (summarize the paper and rephrase your thesis statement). The paper needs to be in APA
format with APA references correlated with in-text citations from each of the reference sources.

Assignment, DQ 5: Research Reflection (two pages)
At this point in the academic career, you likely possess a variety of research techniques that have allowed you to be successful in your previous courses. While these
research skills and techniques will continue to develop and evolve throughout your program, it is essential to have a strong grasp of the foundational, basic research
skills on which to build. This is your opportunity to share tips and encouragement regarding research skills

After you have selected your research paper topic and resources for your research paper, use this discussion post to reflect on your search process in locating your
articles and the research and information literacy skills you learned from this assignment.

Also, share the APA citations for the resources that you found, and refer to any issues you had to look up to ensure accuracy of your APA citation. (Include the
reference citations with an active link for the web site so your classmates can access and comment.) Initial response due Thursday.

**This DQ has three parts (search process, skills learned, APA citations from resources found).

As you write, please give specific examples from your approach.

Choose a few of the following points to address in your post:

1- Was it difficult to focus your topic? Why or why not? What strategies did you employ to focus your topic? Or, was your topic focus too narrow? How did you broaden
your topic focus to retrieve an adequate number of results?
2- If you needed help finding an appropriate or current research topic in your area of interest, what resources or techniques might you use for inspiration?
3- Which database (or databases) did you search? Why did you choose to research in that database? If you searched more than one database, how did they compare?
4- Was it difficult to find the right keywords? What strategies did you employ to find appropriate keywords for your searches?
5- What strategies did you employ to find current research on your topic? Was it difficult to find current research? Or have you found this difficult in the past?
6- Did you find Boolean commands (ANDs/ORs) confusing? What tips would you give others for learning these commands?
7- How might you improve your search? What steps might you take?
8- When you evaluate a resource, what criteria are most helpful to you in determining authority, credibility, and scholarliness? What, if any, additional steps did you
take or resources did you use to verify the recommended evaluation criteria (authors, journal, et cetera)?
9- Do you feel confident enough in your skills to find 10–20 relevant, on-topic, credible articles, if needed? Explain what fuels your confidence or what may be
deterring your confidence.
Make certain your APA references contain workable links or locations for fellow students to access the site and respond.

Assignment: Annotated Bibliography and Research Synthesis ( TWO PAGES)
Write a paper covering your annotated bibliography and literature review on the topic you have chosen for your research paper. You need a minimum of four (4)
references for this assignment.

This paper has two parts. Remember to do an introduction to inform the reader about your research topic and that in this paper you are going to present both the
organization and results of your information search.

The first part of the paper needs to contain your annotated bibliography in correct annotated bibliography formats (see handouts).

In the second part, you need to compose your “literature review” – synthesize what you found in the research that you will be including in the final research paper
(you are basically writing the foundation of your paper – the better you organize sections and present the information you want others to know in this assignment, the
easier it will be to complete the final research paper).

*This is an opportunity to have this section of your research paper graded before inclusion in the final paper if you have done a thorough job and included all the
resources necessary for your final paper.

Additional notes:

AB first then synthesize into LR

Remember: The AB organizes the resources by AUTHOR. The LR would NOT organize the information found according to author, but would be organized in a manner that
enhances the reader’s understanding.

This paper needs to be in APA format with in-text citations and correlating references list.

Assignment: Research Paper (5-6 pages)
Submit your research paper. The paper should be 1200-1500 words (minimum of 1000) not counting the title page and references page with a minimum of 5 resources. The
references page needs to be in APA format and contain ONLY references that have in-text citations within the body of the paper (the references must refer to
something). The entire paper needs to be in APA format (USE the template provided if you have problems with the running head, margins, or format in general), FOLLOW
the RUBRIC to ensure you meet all the criteria in the paper.


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