social criticism of christmas carol




Christmas Carol. Consider how the social criticism it expressed reflected both the changes industrialization had caused and the social ideals expressed in the Enlightenment. Discussion will take off from your essays. Please bring your books to class. With the TA’s advance permission, this essay may be revised and resubmitted.
How did the issues discussed in A Christmas Carol reflect the changes industrialization brought to Britain between the late 1700s and the mid-1800s? With that in mind, explore one of the following questions: 1. Consider why Dickens set the story at Christmas time. What historical changes did this choice help him explore? 2. Consider how social relations changed between Scrooge’s boyhood as Fezziwig’s apprentice and his old age as an employer. What larger historical changes explain the differences? 3. Compare Enlightenment values and hopes with the conditions industrialization produced by the mid-1800s, as illustrated in A Christmas Carol.


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