During this assignment you will focus on one television program for analysis. You may choose any program that shows regularly on any station’s lineup. If you wish, you may choose a show that has
since been discontinued or canceled or is streaming on a service like Hulu or Netflix. There are several issues you need to think about before you write your paper:
Who is the perspective audience of this program? Is there a myth, like discussed in the reading for week six, that the show propagates? What values does the show promote? (This is a great place to
focus if you’re looking for a place to start.) What are the ideologies (system of ideas) that your show reinforces, and are there competing ideologies? (a sense of justice, family values, etc…)
Does it fit into a particular genre of television? Does the program present a particular political standpoint? Are there any particularly edgy details in the show that fit myth-making? (i.e. race,
gender, class, sexuality)? Is this show successful? What makes this show successful?


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