Critical Analysis Paper on Social Anxiety Disorder in Children

Critical Analysis Paper on Social Anxiety Disorder in Children

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Overview: This paper is designed to help you refine your thesis and argument assertions, double-check your research from the previously submitted outline paper from
last week (included in the files, please check) make changes if needed, and expand and clarify your ideas before crystallizing those ideas into this final polished
paper. You can use all sources from the last week’s outline paper that is included in the files.

Assignment Instructions
In a 4-page paper, write an overview and an analysis of Social Anxiety Disorder in Children. Include the following elements:

• Include a title page and references page.
• Divide the paper into three separately labeled parts:
o Part 1: Provide an overview of the disorder—how it is diagnosed and what its symptoms are. Provide a thesis statement reflecting your position on the most effective
intervention(s) for this particular disorder.
o Part 2: Write a critical analysis of the causes and interventions for this particular disorder. Critique the arguments and facts about specific causes and specific
interventions. Acknowledge which arguments are convincing and why. Refute arguments that you believe are inconsistent or illogical.
o Part 3: Reconsider your position in light of new facts and insights discussed in your paper.
• Each point, both those gleaned from research and your own opinions, should be supported by critical thinking and research.

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