Health Care System of a country




1. How does the Health Care System of a country affect its economy?
2. Keeping this in mind, how would you rate America’s Health Care System and the effect it has on our economy.
3. If you were a policy adviser, what would your recommendation be?
4. Two restaurants are on the same block.  One has been opened for 10 years and its a thriving business.  The other one has been open for only a year.They both want to expand.  When the two owners to to the local bank looking for a loan, which one is likely to get a lower interest rate and why?  Explain in terms of the risk-return principle.   (10)
5. The currency of Iceland is called the Krona.  in July, 2007 the exchange rate was roughly 60 krona to a dollar. In July 2011, the exchange rate was roughly 120 krona to a dollar.a)  Over this period, would you expect exports from the US to Iceland to get cheaper or more expensive in Iceland?   (5)b)  Would you expect living standards in Iceland to rise or fall?     (5)c)  Is the krona appreciating or depreciating against th


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