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Write an essay on leadership based on the following outline;

1. Introduction (250)
Define leadership
Define followership
Outline the scope of the essay
Include a line or two about the key conclusions

2. Power and Influence (600)
Define & discuss Power & Influence
Outline French and Raven’s model of the bases of power
Provide examples

3. Models (600)
Outline two of the leadership models discussed in class
For each:
• Define the model
• Explain how it works
• Provide examples to demonstrate understanding

4. Critical evaluation of use of power and influence when using chosen models (1400)

Critically evaluate how an individual may make use of power and influence when using each of the models. In doing so, consider the following points:

– The power of the influencer (agent)
– The characteristics/propensities of the person influenced (target)
– Length (or desired length) of the leader-follower relationship
– Perceptions of other people who may observe the leader-follower relationship (third parties)
– The kind of organisation that is being considered (organisational context)
– How might the person being influenced think and feel about the person who is attempting to influence them (targets future perceptions of the agent)
– Targets/agents position within a given organisational hierarchy




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