Managing People





You are a member of the Human Resource Department of an organisation that shares a number of features with the organisation in ONE of the three scenarios that follows. Your task is to: i. Choose ONE scenario and identify a real world organisation that bears some similarities with the one based in the scenario.ii. Identify and research the sector your organisation is located in. iii. Analyse the cause(s) of labour problem, primarily the skills gap outlined in your chosen scenario. This will contribute to the rationale for producing a new role.iv. Propose an additional role with the aim of solving the problem based on your understanding of the skills gap outlined in your chosen scenario.v. Articulate the human resource solution by creating an appropriate job profile/person specification followed by details of your recruitment initiative.
Labour Problem Scenarios: A, B and CScenario ACompany A is an innovative recycling machines and solutions company that was established 5 years ago.  The Sales team are passionate high-achievers who both feel strongly about the green industry as well as successfully meeting sales target year on year.  Recently, an equally passionate Sales Director joined the team and has done a review and analysis of the sales performance.  A few important findings are identified:• The Sales Director struggled to find a consolidated tracker or database that shows all customer and sales records.  • In the process of collating all sales records, it was discovered that some orders made were based on email correspondence without proper contracts being signed, even though standard contracts with standard terms and conditions are readily available.• It was also established that not all outstanding instalment payments by customers are being followed up.  While most major payments are duly made, smaller payments such as those for annual warranties are sometimes ignored.• The analysis shows that the team have consistently excelled at reaching out to new customers but seriously underperformed regarding repeat business with existing customers.• The analysis shows that the team have succeeded in selling equipment but underperformed in respect of selling support and maintenance services to existing customers.
A new headcount has been made available to the Sales Department.  The Sales Director has invited a Human Resources colleague to look into the findings established.  If you were the HR colleague, what role would you create for the Sales team to address the problems identified and help improve the sales performance?
Scenario BCompany B is a well-established market research company.  The company has had a Top 10 market share in the UK.  It specialises in TV media research helping TV executives make programming and marketing decisions by collating market data, conducting focus group and providing analysis and recommendations.
A Board member of the Company has recently been invited to a conference on artificial intelligence (AI).  The Board member was most inspired after attending the conference.  Yet, she has also become very anxious about how complacent, and perhaps backwards, Company B is in the deployment of AI.  The Board member has had a discussion with fellow Board members and decided to put aside some budget to look into the following:• Uses of social media data.• Uses of Big Data analysis.• Application of automation.• Development potential from TV media to other media.• Development potential from advising on programming and marketing decisions to communication strategies.• Strategies related to the above to move the Company forward.
The Board member has invited a Human Resources colleague to look into the objectives set out and how to make use of the budget set aside.  If you were the HR colleague, what role would you create for the Board to achieve the above objectives?
Scenario CCompany C is a loosely formed ‘company’.  While it is an officially registered company with designated premises for training, it is in essence a team of 5 eSports players and a coach.  The team has been playing in professional tournaments for just over a year with much success.  The coach has been covering not only coaching but managing all commercial and logistic matters.  With the recent success and increasing public interest in the team, they find that they are encountering the following problems:• The coach is constantly being distracted to deal with logistics, coordination and commercial issues, and cannot focus on training the players.• The games have become increasingly competitive and the demand on the coach is mounting.• With the recent success of the team, multiple sponsors have approached the team to offer support.  Yet, the team is apprehensive about negotiating commercial deals with these major sponsors.• With the recent success of the team, few high-profile tournament organisers from Asia, notably in Korea and China, have invited the team to join their games.  Due to the lack of time and communication skills among the team members, they have already missed one opportunity to join a major game in Hong Kong.• The Twitter accounts of the team players are experiencing a spike yet the players cannot spare enough time to respond to all fans’ tweets.






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