Roles in Emergency Preparedness and Response







One of the hardest-hit areas after the devastating 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami was Patong Beach in Phuket, Thailand. After the IOT swept through, causing death and devastation, an emergency response plan was devised to pull together various strategies and assign and describe emergency team roles.
A 2008 plan, available online, outlines steps before, during, and after a disaster such as the 2004 tsunami. In this case, the “before” steps include information and data collection (e.g., landslide data and location of shelter areas) the establishment of a “vigilant team,” and the installation of an early waming system, among others. “During” and “after” steps then describe necessary tasks and build on the “before” steps.


provide prevention measures and coordination among concerned agencies and to determine the agencies with the most responsibility for response efforts. The Patong emergency response plan establishes the town mayor, for example, as the initial commander in charge (United Nations Environment Programme, 2008).



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