Self in Diverse Communities





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1. Choose 3 communities of which you are a member.
1. Military Spouse (wife)
2. Hispanic
3. Catholic
2. Describe each community and their components. Explain how each reflects your background, contributes to your identity, and shapes who you are as an individual. Discuss how your membership in each community helped to create and develop your existing personal biases, values and worldview.
3. Describe how the community affects your sense of ethics and morals and how it affects your ability to work with members of that community as well as people not in that community.
4. Explain how your membership in each community affects your awareness of concepts important in the social work profession (i.e. empowerment, systems theory, person in environment, self-determination, etc.), and contributes to your attitudes about working with diverse clients.
Be creative and truly take time on this assignment. Look within yourselves and evaluate who you are, how you became who you are, and how it will affect you as a professional social worker dealing with diverse populations




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