Social Capital & Civic Engagement


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Social Capital & Civic Engagement Part I and II
Reference Chapter 10 of Ginsberg (2011)
Ginsberg, L. H. (2011). Social work in rural communities. Alexandria, VA: Council on Social Work Education. 5th edition ISBN: 978-0-87293-146-6
Part I:
In 250 words, and with an emphasis on rural communities, discuss the following:
• What is your understanding of civic engagement?
• What do you believe your responsibility is as a social worker to facilitate civic engagement? What would it look like for you to facilitate civic engagement in your community?
• Address the importance of engaging youth in civic engagement, as well as the challenges therein.
Part II:
With an emphasis on rural, locate an article, book chapter, or research publication that discusses social capital and/or civic engagement. Using a minimum of 250 words, write a summary of the piece you are sharing, as well as your thoughts on it.

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