Socio-Cultural factors affecting Health Education


1) Choose a community health topic that affects or potentially will affect the public’s health. Examples may include topics such as: bioterrorism, communicable disease control, environmental health issues, cultural impact on health, poverty, migrant health, compromised populations, violence and abuse, health care policy, or global health issues.

Answer the following questions:

a. What is the health issue?  Discuss the significance of the topic to the population and to you. Why did you choose this topic?                           20 points
b. Explain why your topic is an issue of concern for the public. Who is affected by this health issue and why? 20 points
c. How would you as the CHN solve this issue? Include collaboration from professionals, organizations, and agencies and multilevel approaches. Incorporate current CHN practice and provide examples of innovative and effective nursing interventions.  20 points
d. Conclude with implications for the practice of the CHN now and in the future. What are your recommendations? 20 points

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