Air Transport Economics & Finance


Air Transport Economics & Finance

1. AF: Briefly explain and discuss the differences between “Financial Accounting” and “Managerial Accounting.”[10-points]


2. AF: Briefly discuss the role IATA plays in the finance side of the airline industry and how it provides a benefit to the airlines?[5-points]
3. AF: How do airlines benefit from frequent-flyer programs and cobranded credit card agreements?  Does your company have a similar agreement?  If yes, discuss it
from that perspective.  If no, discuss if this would be a good option or how your company can benefit from similar agreements.  [15-points each]


4. AF: Briefly describe a minimum of three ways in which airline accounting is different from standard accounting.  [15-points]
5. AF: Briefly discuss the information you can gain from the following finance statements; in other words what can you understand from analyzing those financial
statements.  AND summarize some of the findings for the company that you have chosen after you have analyzed their financial statements.  Such as their profitability,
the level of cash flow, amount of debt, their financial health in general etc.  Use actual numbers from those financial statements as needed  [15-points each]
a. Balance Sheet

b. Income Statement\
c. Statement of Cash Flow
6. AF: Briefly describe the difference between depreciation and amortization.  [10-points]

7. AF: Briefly describe why your company should or should not use an “accelerated depreciation method over a “straight-line depreciation method”What are the advantages or disadvantages of each based on your recommendation [20-points]

8. AF: What are the advantages and disadvantages of debt financing AND capital financing to buy equipment for your company?  [20-points]


9. AF: Briefly describe each of the following ratios (what you can analyze and what information the ratio will give you about the financial workings/health of the
company).  Using the most recent information, calculate or find the value of the ratio for the company you have chosen.  Values can sometimes be found in the 10K
report released by the company.  [15-points each]

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