Auditing report

Auditing report

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assessment involves the preparation of a formal report following a Clinical Coding/Casemix audit (as attached to this assessment, I will upload it). You will need to
prepare the report for your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) outlining how the audit was carried out and what the outcomes were. You need to address the following
elements within your report:
Summary of Results.
A review of the literature with a succinct discussion on the function and value of a clinical coding/casemix audit.
Description of Audit elements including:

Timeframe that the audit covered.
Purpose and scope of the audit.
Audit team.
Audit tool used.
Cost weight differences arising from the DRG errors.
Conclusion and recommendations.

As this is a formal report, a short executive summary is required. How you present this report in terms of layout and overall presentation is up to you, think however
of the audience that you are presenting to and the information that you need them to grasp.

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