Coding of the Interview and Theme Analysis


Coding of the Interview and Theme Analysis

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Coding of the Interview and Theme Analysis

In Chapter 8 of your Creswell text, you learn about the core elements of qualitative data analysis. Coding the
data is the first step. In this process. you reduce the data gathered into segments, assigning names as you go
along. Your assignment for this week is to code your interview transcript to find themes. Be sure to consider
research question as you begin to code.

assignment should contain the following elements:

research question for this interview.

A list of the codes you developed for your interview transcript.

A description of your thinking or working process. explaining how you developed your codes, including any
evolution of your coding system.

In-text coding for your interview. This means that you are to select chunks of data and apply the codes to
your interview transcript. Keep your interview transcript intact as a whole and show where you have applied
the codes to the text


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