Implementation of Character Building education in school: School change case study


Topic: Implementation of Character Building education in school: School change case study ( Qualitative paper)

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PHD level, it needs to be well written showing critical thinking and рroper qualitative analysis.

below are the sections I need:
1. Context/ scope – Context/scope clearly delineated; adequately supported by the literature; demonstrate knowledge of key issues and debates related to the topic;
relevant studies critiqued and used to support the study.
2. Data Analysis – Data analysis procedures are clearly explained and detailed, includes rationale for selection of approach(es) to analysis; alignment with research
questions and theoretical/conceptual framework. Data analysis should be done using the QDA Miner and ANTCONC software application. Include various output from the
software such as codebook, memos, display matrix, tables, charts…etc.
3. Re-visit framework and include research studies ( with reference) on themes that come out of the interview text like teacher training importance in implementing
character building and having change.
4. Discussion – Provide in-depth discussion on the meaning of your results and how do you interpret them as a qualitative researcher and have to be well supported by
the literature. You will focus on how the results of your study will be of significance to the specific field of study and the literature, Include your final
conceptual model. Discuss the limitations of your study and meaningfully suggest future research directions.
5. Conclusion The conclusion is engaging and restates personal learning.

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