Interpreting Your Passage Response


Interpreting Your Passage Response

: Demonstrate understanding of the interpretive process by interpreting a passage of Scripture.
This is where you begin to interpret the passage you have been working on. You will use your key questions as the entryway to interpreting the passage. As you answer
these questions that shed light upon the meaning of the passage as a whole, you will begin to clearly articulate what the author had in mind as he wrote to the
original audience.

Learning Activity #3: Interpreting Your Passage Response
Identify two key interpretive questions in your passage and interpret the passage in light of answering these questions. Make your reasoning very clear as to how you
are arriving at the answers to the questions at hand.

pay special attention to pp. 269-277 in your Bauer and Traina textbook. You can find book online.You do not have to present your interpretation in the way the author
of the textbook does, but you need to very clearly and concisely document how you are arriving at your interpretive conclusions.

Submit your response to your facilitator as an attachment in the drop box titled Interpreting Your Passage Response. APA formatting is not necessary except when
resources require citation.


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