Popular Culture


Disney’s animated feature film “Moana” debuted its first week in November 2016 by raking US$ 99.2 million worldwide, out of which US$ 82 million came in from the United States. These numbers have not taken into account the revenues from its related merchandises. The film relies on the portrayal of Polynesian culture in its storyline, and has been a subject of discussion on representations of traditional ways of life in contemporary popular culture product. Using the case study of “Moana”:
1) Examine the production of the movie by following the key features of political economy analysis of popular culture.
(30 marks)
2) Analyse gendered and racial representations in the movie using a feminist analysis of popular culture. (30 marks)
3) Synthesise how political economy and feminist approaches contribute to critical perspectives in analysing popular culture products. (20 marks)


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