“Family Dynamics and The Chapters of My Life”


write a 1200 word research paper on concepts covered in this class and how you see them related to your own family life. This paper is worth 20% of your grade. As you read the text and do research throughout the class make notes of family systems concepts that you see illustrated in your own family life.You may use some of the concepts in bold print in the Weekly Summaries. You will identify each concept and tell how it applies to your own family system.

· Identify six or eight marriage and family concepts and explain how they apply to your own family system over the years



A. Define concepts to be covered

B. Explain how you see these concepts in your own family

C. List the main concepts you are going to discuss in the body of the paper. Make sure to have at least 6. You need one paragraph in the body for each point you mention in this part of the introduction.



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