Research Paper on a movie




1. Gender, Status & Power
What kind of legitimizing myths are utilized in this movie to describe women and their behaviors; be sure to explain why these myths are used according to the textbook research? Consider the textbook research examining sexist attitudes- discuss in detail how this research applies or does not apply to the ways in which any two characters in the movie treat Erica? Drawing upon an external peer reviewed research article specifically examining older adult women, comprehensively explain why their status and power often viewed as lower in work spaces.

2. Sex, Love & Romance
Explain in detail how romantic love as a cultural script as discussed in the textbook, influence the attitudes of both Erica and her daughter Marin in this video- be sure to discuss why this occurs. What kinds of gendered messages regarding physical attractiveness and sexual desirability discussed in the textbook are evident in this video- be sure to explain they are utilized? Using an external peer reviewed research article, comprehensively explain how beliefs about romance can impact the dating experiences of older women like Erica.

3. Midlife & Beyond.
Identify and comprehensively analyze how double standards of aging, as discussed in the textbook is applicable to any two older adult characters experiences- be sure to draw on the research to explain why this is occurring. Consider Harry and Julian’s attitude about constructing an object of desire for among aging women- drawing from the textbook research explain their beliefs and attitudes about Erica’s attractiveness? Using an external peer reviewed research article, comprehensively discuss how realistic Erica’s lifestyle and achievement are given the financial or educational gains being made among aging women- explain why this is something that must be considered by researchers in the future.



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