Social media is a pervasive element in the daily life and activities for individuals and businesses.




ASSIGNMENT:  Social media is a pervasive element in the daily life and activities for individuals and businesses. Digital platforms such as Facebook, Twitter,  blogs,
and websites have changed the way the world gets and transfers its information.  Global digital advertising increased 5.7% in 2016 to over $191 billion in an attempt
to educate and influcence consumers around the world; the greatest increases were in the Asia-Pacific and Latin American regions (Handley, 2016).  But companies are
not the only ones harnessing the power of digital media – research shows that U.S. election campaigns in 2016 spent over $3.5 billion to spread political messages.  It
was also reported that 44% of adults claim to have received their 2016 election information from social media (Pew Research Center, 2016).  (Can I say “scary”).
Research had been compiled to examine how Twitter impacted the uprisings and political changes in the Middle East in 2011. The tweets not only gave political headlines
in real time but also captured the sentiments of the people. In Syria, the key word was “massacre” on Twitter and hundreds of thousands liked “Syrian Revolution” on
Facebook.  In Egypt, Twitter was used to organize rallies and influence people to participate in demonstrations (Friedman, 2011).Social media has become a valuable
means for spreading information and for use in disasters and tragic situations as seen recently in the Boston Marathon bombing, Las Vegas shooting, and hurricane
Harvey and Maria.Yet with all the impact of social media and digital platforms, Twitter is still struggling. While it is estimated that Twitter has over a billion registered accounts,
only about a third are active users. Read the article in the New Yorker to get an understanding of the challenges it has faced.
( In order to complete the assessment of Twitter, you will need to do extensive research.  For your report, use your findings to complete the following:1) Key internal factors (positive and negative RBV) of Twitter. Use multiple sources – not just their website or company managed material. (use appropriate strategic
tools)2) Key external factors of the general environement, industry/competition, key success factors, etc. (for social media/digital platform industry).(use appropriate
strategic tools)3)Analysis of current strategy?  What is effective? What aspects need to be addressed? Also take a look at some of their strategic tactics being used in their
turnaround attempt (marketing, operations, management).4) Develop goals and objectives for moving Twitter forward.5) Strategic options (offensive/growth or defensive) that would match the proposed goals and objectives. Be sure to include the hows and whys for supporting your
decisions.6) Internal citations and a reference page in APA format.7) Combination of short paragraphs and bullets is an acceptable format for the assignment.
Recent Company Data and Issues: sources: Interesting to assess why, Disney and Alphabet all considered and acquisition
Strategy Assignment Tip SheetReview your work to make sure the main structure of the strategic management process has been incorporated.  Your work should provide the critical factors from
Analysis, Formulation and Implementation in order to provide a solid strategic consult. Even though the assignment is focused on the content from a particular firm, it
MUST be delivered from a strategic management format.Strategic Analysis Content: You need to provide adequate analysis material to create a base for your recommendations.  This information provides the rational for the
recommended changes and denotes and exposes the requisite capabilities and resources needed for future strategic actions.The appropriate analysis information can be provided by doing the several of the following:• Compare the strengths and weaknesses within the company to the external threats and opportunities. (SWOT, PESTEL, Value Chain)• Determine if the company is in a strong competitive position and decide if it can successfully continue at its current pace and with its current strategies.
(Five forces, Competitive Mapping, Key Success Factors, Benchmarking, Industry Positioning)• Complete the appropriate analysis tools; include these as appendices and incorporate the key findings in your written analysis.
Strategic Goals and Objectives:  SMART goals and objectives should be included at the beginning of your formulation section to provide a clear understanding of the
major factors/issue that need to be addressed for change.  It provides the audience/reader with a clear understanding of what is being proposed.• These should be clear and well-defined.  After reading your G&O ask yourself:  After implementation of the plan, will we be able to evaluate and determine if
we accomplished this goal?  If not, it is not clear what you are trying to accomplish.• Use SMART in writing the G&Os– Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time Bound (Increase market share by 10% over next 2 fiscal years.) Not all G&Os
can be completely quantified but they should provide a description that can be evaluated for completion or success during the evaluation/control phase of strategic
management.WRITING STYLEUse research/data to support: Specifics are more persuasive and conclusive than generalities.General:    The retail clothing sector is facing changes.Specific:    According to a McKinsey and Company report, while the global apparel market is valued at over $2.4 trillion, accounts for 2 percent of the world’s Gross
Domestic Product (GDP) and would equate to the seventh-largest economy if ranked as a  country, it still faced one the industries toughest years in 2016 (Amed, et. al,
2016).  ….
Be analytical rather than descriptive. Strategy is action so your writing should denote action.  Rather than listing facts, determine how the information plays a role
in strategic actions.
Descriptive:    Strengths – Experienced Leaders, Financial strength, brand recognition Weaknesses – Poor customer service, quality control issuesAnalytical:   An internal analysis of the firm shows that UA will be able to build on the strong relationships and brand recognition they have developed with their
loyal customers.  However, management will have to create action plans and training programs to address the recent increase in customer service complaints and
incidents of product defects in order to compete with the industry leaders.


Assignment Sources: “Election 2016: Campaigns as a Direct Source of News,” PewResearchCenter, July 18, 2016,
source-of-news/  Jon Friedman, “Twitter’s Window on Middle East Uprisings: Scholar Tracks the Tweets That Changed the World,” MarketWatch, May 18, 2011, Lucy Handley, “Global Ad Spend to Slow in 2017, While 2016 Sales Reached Nearly $500 Bn: Research,” CNBC, December 5, 2016,

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