Strategic Plan & Literature Review





• Curtin Hospital Information
 Curtin Hospital is a 330 bed public metropolitan hospital that is looking to expand to 550 beds by 2018. There is currently two years’ worth of health records stored in the primary storage area and the remainder of medical records are stored at an offsite storage facility. The total number of patient admissions for the financial year 2014/2015 was 50,000. This is expected to increase by an additional 20,000 new patients in the next financial year and a further 10% per annum growth in new patients in subsequent years. A wide range of specialities are offered at Curtin Hospital including: Maternity, Paediatric Surgery, Orthopaedics, Oncology, General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and a range of Outpatient services including Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Curtin Hospital also has an Emergency Department and is looking to develop a Mental Health Unit that includes both inpatient and community outreach services.
• The Health Information Service at Curtin Hospital currently employs the following staff:
 Health Information Manager – 1 FTE Deputy Health Information Manager – 1 FTE Release of Information Officer – 1 FTE Patient Information Clerks – 7 FTE Coding Manager – 1 FTE Coding Educator – 1 FTE Clinical Coders – 9 FTE
• Part one: Literature Review
 The literature review is to be 1500 words and needs to address strategic issues affecting Health Information Management Service/Departments. The literature review is intended to provide information for the second part of this assessment in terms of future issues impacting on the strategic direction of the Health Information Management Service/Department.
• Topics to be addressed in the literature review are:
 Discuss what a strategic plan is The importance of strategic planning How you can identify issues for inclusion in a strategic plan Stakeholder importance and involvement in strategic planning The value of a strategic plan for the Health Information Management Service/Department Identification of issues impacting the Health Information Management Service/Department that can be addressed in the strategic plan. The literature review is to be uploaded in the same document as the Strategic Plan. A marking rubric is available for this assessment.





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