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Leadership examples from movies

More leadership examples from movies.

Ronald Reagan

Leadership and expert power



Choose one or more of the leaders in the videos and discuss their suitability as first or second line supervisors based on 1) personal characteristics associated with leadership, and 2) interaction between the leader and the situation. Be sure to use key terms from the text in your evaluation, illustrate those key terms with behavior observed in the videos.
Remember, you may also use behaviors demonstrated in the videos to reject a candidate. In retrospect, how would you distinguish between Custer before and after Little Big Horn or prevent some of the leaders shown from having power over workers lives and productivity? Choosing who not to promote may be as important and choosing who to promote.
Second, Discuss how you will train specific leader skills of decision making, contact, power, vision and authenticity. Include skills you observed in the videos that might not be mentioned in the text. What would be grounds for not promoting a candidate in the training program to a leadership position?
Third, In each of the videos leadership involves motivating and directing people to do things that are stressful, that take workers “out of their comfort zone.”
3.1) what aspects of leadership may be common to both the videos and your career field, and what aspects of leadership might differ in the videos from those needed in your career field:

3.2) the role that gender might play in your career field. How might leadership skills differ in combative environments from those in your career field? Would gender of supervisors and/or workers affect leadership skills and leader behavior? Explain.



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