UC Berkeley Haas Undergraduate Business Administration Application

UC Berkeley Haas Undergraduate Business Administration Application (2 Essays)

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premed Molecular and Cell Biology major at UC Berkeley, and interested in the Haas Business degree because I want to learn about finance and management for my own
practice later on. add in details like my experience as a Labor Coach with Asian Health Services, where I volunteered as a health advocate and translator for
expecting mothers during childbirth at hospitals; an ACE Coaches tutor, where I taught Single Room Occupancy SF Chinatown 3-5th graders science on weekends; and as a
Kidney Disease Screening and Prevention volunteer where I did translation work and performed glycolysis tests on patients during free healthcare screenings. Finally, I
am a crucial member on my Molecular and Cell Biology Undergraduate Student Association’s Events committee, since I help plan, execute, and host a variety of events for
biology and premed undergraduate students at school. I have learned management, organizational, and communication skills since I had to work with various organizations
and gather speakers from hospitals and industry.

The Application:
The following essay questions were created to provoke honest, thoughtful responses to help us get to know you. They are framed within the context of our four Defining
Principles and give you the opportunity to provide unique information about yourself and your interests. These essays are the principal means we have of gaining
insight about you and your reasons for applying to the Haas Undergraduate Program. In addition to content, essays are evaluated for critical thinking and writing
ability, skill in organizing and presenting thoughts, and the relevance of your answers to the questions posed.
The 4 defining principles:

Essay A: (500 words maximum) Describe your immediate post-undergraduate goals. Why is a business degree from Berkeley-Haas essential in helping you achieve these

Tip: We understand Berkeley-Haas has a world-renowned reputation, strong alumni network and majors have easier access to business courses. Aside from these factors,
why do you feel earning an undergraduate degree from Berkeley-Haas is a necessary step in pursuit of your immediate post-undergraduate goals?

Here is what I have so far for the first prompt:
“After graduation, I intend to have finished applying to medical school and jump right in. Both my parents are businessmen in different fields. I believe that building
strong people to people connections is more than beneficial to my aspirations to become an effective doctor and server of the community. Teamwork and business skills,
like accounting, finance, and management are absolutely essential to maintaining a flourishing practice, unmarred by lack of skill in all things business. I want to be
self-sufficient and just a more well-informed member of society.

Last semester, I took UGBA 107, The Social and Ethical Environment of Business with Prof. Alan Ross. Without even consciously realizing, I had learned so much more
about the business world, especially regarding the pharmaceutical market and the Corporate Social Responsibilities associated with it.

Having the knowledge and medical skills of a doctor is not itself sufficient these days to be a truly productive member of society. My business degree with not only
help me establish my own practice after I specialize in Internal Medicine, it will keep my business afloat and help me make the best decisions when it comes to my
patients as well. I want to be involved in public health issues, serve as advisors to new drugs, conduct my own research, etc.

I am in a unique situation where I am able to graduate early having already finished my MCAT and other stuff, but I value the benefits of this degree so much that I
would like to stay an extra year and complete the major alongside my already-challenging MCB degree.”

Essay 2:
Choose either B or C: (500 words maximum)
B: What does it mean to be humble? What area of your life do you struggle most with humility and why? Describe strategies you are using to cultivate humility in this
area of your life.

C: Provide us with a specific example of how you helped to foster an environment where differences are valued, encouraged and supported. Describe the situation and the
role you played. If appropriate, describe any outcomes.

Here is what I have so far for B, the prompt I chose:
“By the words of my mentor, Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Lili Hsiao, being humble means to serve without pride or prejudice, and to kneel down and wash one’s feet with
the utmost respect. I strive to live by this motto


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