Business Plan



write the part of team and organizational structure of Tulsi which is our business for this course project, information about it and other parts of the business plan


For the management team names will be as follows:
Chief Executive Officer : Noora Hussain AlMarri
Chief Finance Officer : Leena AlBouanin
Chief operation Officer : Balqees AlEmadi
Chief Marketing Officer : Sara AlEbrahim
we will need also a Pharmacist, a Store Worker, and 2 Delivery Drivers .
determine each employee main duties, and make job advertisement for hiring purpose for each ( should be attached in appendix) ; for each write the main responsibilities( from 5-7) and KSA, Language , also the needed qualifications( education and experience)
also write how we will announce these jobs; social media, newspapers..etc.
write about the assessment and evaluation, testing of the applicants.
write about type of training and development
write about compensation and incentives for employees




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