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Employability Skills and Practice
Mulberry Bush School PPT
Employability focus (1500)

• Font should be New Roman, Size 11, spacing line 1.5,
• reference should be included with page number, kindly make use of some of the reference added, thank you.
• 500 words for Personal Statement , 1000 words for Critical Review total 1500 words
• Please could you put the page number of any reference you are given.
QUESTION 1 (500 words)
Mulberry Bush School: residential educational provision for 5 – 13 year olds with severe EBD
It is very important to read and use:
• The Mullberry Bush School Information leaflet (see attached information booklet)
• Choose one of the job and write personal statement as if you want to apply in the organisation, (Learning Support / Teaching Assistant; Residential Social Worker (children); Educational Psychologist; Child Psychotherapist,
• Also include the reason why you are interested in the job.
• We need to relate it with life experience or interest
QUESTION 2 (1000 words)
Critical review of this article: Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties (see attached article)
• Please use the reference in the article as well.
It is very important to read and use:
• Evaluated for effectiveness: Harriss et al, 2006.
• Diamond, J. (2015) Towards belonging: the role of a residential setting in A. Briggs (ed) Negotiating New Relationships for Adopted Children and Those in Care. London: Karnac Books. (see attached book)
• parent, and staff perspectives, Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, 13:1, 31-47, DOI 10.1080/13632750701814666
This is how they operate in mulberry bush school: 38 weeks; 2 intakes. 1 middle and 1 ‘senior’ class; 1 intake and 3 other houses; therapeutic community model.
This is the information about the people working in the school: Informed by therapeutic childcare, social pedagogy and trauma informed practice.
Job chosen to search the information in mulberry bush school website: What core knowledge, skills and experience might one need in order to work at MBS.
Other options to choose: Learning Support / Teaching Assistant; Residential Social Worker (children); Educational Psychologist; Child Psychotherapist, Music or Drama Therapist

Article reference
Louise Harriss , Jane Barlow & Moli Paul (2008) “Specialist residential education for children with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties: pupil, parent, and staff perspectives “Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties, 13:1, 31-47

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