Corporate Governance and corporate Accountability

You are required to select a company from one of the three industries: (a) Metals & Mining, or (b) Industrial & Manufacturing, or (c) Oil, Gas & Energy from Your chosen company should have a sustainability/CSR report and provide an assurance statement.

You are required to present an essay on your chosen company. In doing so:
(a) Critically evaluate the sustainability/CSR report of your chosen company, using relevant theoretical frameworks. In doing so, you should state the key assumptions of your chosen theory/(ies) with reference to seminal and recent scholarly literature.

(b) Present a critical examination of the assurance statement of your chosen company in view of your chosen theoretical framework and accountability debates.

(c) “Accounting and accountancy firms play an active role in deepening income and wealth inequalities.” (extracted from Sikka, 2015)

i. Critically discuss the above statement in the context of the United Kingdom, using the debates on accountability and corporate governance.

ii. In view of your conclusions in parts (a), (b) and your discussions in (c)(i), evaluate your chosen company’s endeavours to discharge its broader accountability.

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