Management, Innovation and Organisational Performance

Management, Innovation and Organisational Performance

Critically discuss whether there is an inevitable trade-off between managing an organization

that can be innovative and managing an organization that is efficient. In doing this you should

also consider the potential positive and negative consequences of different management

approaches for employees, the organizations themselves and society at large. You must draw

on references from the core text and articles covered in the module and you must use

examples from at least two of the cases that we have discussed in class to illustrate your points

(i.e., the cases at the end of each chapter of the core text)

You should look also at the marking rubric that is provided as this will indicate the criteria that

you will be marked against. In order to help you i have also attached 2 essays to this section

below. Both are passes, and one is a good pass (in the distinction catergory) the other is just

in the pass catergory. These might help you to get some ideas but of course you have to write

an original peice. You should also take a look at the skills hub (left hand corner of this study

direct site) where you will find lots of useful resources for writing an essay.

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