Stakeholder analysis and strategy development report

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You are required to watch the YouTube Clip Snapchat’s three-part business model with CEO Evan Spiegel:
You will also need to perform your own research on Snap Inc.
You must then prepare a Snap Inc. Stakeholder Analysis & Strategy Program Report including an Executive Summary and a Conclusion and using the following headings:
A. Snap Inc. Stakeholder View of the Organisation Model
Prepare a diagram with Snap Inc. as the central organisation surrounded by the company’s stakeholder groups using the stakeholder view model
For each stakeholder group identified in the stakeholder view model research Snap Inc. further and prepare a list identifying and describing the specific stakeholders within each stakeholder group
B. Stakeholder Analysis for four selected stakeholder groups
Select four specific stakeholders and analyse their behaviour and motives
Tip: choose a stakeholder from each of the different four stakeholder categories to avoid repeating yourself in sections C and D
C. Stakeholder category identification and generic strategic programs for each of the four selected stakeholders
Identify the stakeholder category that each of the four stakeholders belong to and list the generic strategic programs available for managing each stakeholder

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