Anatomy and physiology of the hip joint.


Why and what it does re mobility moods social exclusion pain. Treatments before a hip replacement. Statistics in uk for hips replacement ages female and demograpics.


Assignment 2

Legislative Critique: MTSA and S.A.F.E. Port

There are two significant pieces of legislation that impact maritime security in the United States. These include the Maritime Transportation Security Act 2002 and the S.A.F.E. Port Act of 2006.
For this assignment, you are to conduct a graduate level Legislative Critique of these two pieces of legislation. To do this critique perform the following steps:
1. Obtain a copy of the piece of legislation to be examined. (MTSA and S.A.F.E. Port Act of 2006) 2. Collect and analyze news media reports on the legislation. 3. Collect and analyze any other
critiques of the legislation. (i.e. Think tanks, academics, etc) 4. Collect and analyze available witness testimony with regard to the legislation.
To compose a legislative critique students should compose an analysis based upon the following points: Provide a brief legislative history of the Bills. (No more that 500 words – USE WORD ECONOMY)!
Determine if the Bills focus was introduced in the past under a different name and/or format. If so, evaluate why the legislation was discarded. Summarize the main points of each bill in your own
words (but supported by citation as appropriate) Evaluate and categorize the strengths and weaknesses of the individual legislation, then compared against each other.

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