Protocol for Diagnosis, Management, and Follow-Up Care of Disorders

As pediatric patients grow from infancy to adolescence, there are many common body system disorders that may potentially present. As an advanced practice nurse caring for these patients, you must understand the pathophysiology and epidemiology of these disorders as this will help you to recognize symptoms and select appropriate assessment and treatment options. In this Assignment, you prepare for your role in clinical settings as you design a protocol for the diagnosis, management, and follow-up care for a common body system disorder.

Write a 2 page paper that addresses the following:
• Explain the disorder you selected, including its pathophysiology and epidemiology.
• Explain a protocol for the diagnosis, management, and follow-up care of this disorder.
Explain how culture might impact the care of patients who present with the disorder you selected.

Assignment 2

The Deployment Process

Based on what you have read about Deployment Planning, think about what expenses are incurred during the Deployment process. They might include consulting resources to support the Go Live, overtime fees for hospital employees and food expenses while employees work longer hours. Contracts for consultants need to be signed, as well as for any other additional resources. Keeping all of this in mind, draft a short (one to two paragraph) proposal to make recommendations for items to include in the Deployment budget and for contracts that need to be created and signed. Include any additional support that may be needed post-implementation (consultations with the vendor, super user availability, system check in and optimization).

Discussion : Post Implementation and Maintenance Strategies

Think of a time when you were involved in the completion of a project involving a great deal of time and many resources. It could be a personal project or one that was completed for school or work, such as the completion of a garden at home, a research paper for school, or the implementation of a new system at work. For a post-project evaluation, can you summarize the challenges that were presented during the project? How were they overcome? Make a list of what they were and the resolution to each. Do you think things could have been done better (more efficiently or effectively) if the project were to be repeated? Reflect on your answers to these questions and then perform and web search (along with your readings) and distinguish between corrective, adaptive, and perfective maintenance. Summarize your findings comparative to your experiences in the first part of the discussion.

Discussion : E-Discovery and the Role of HIM Professionals

Explain the concept of e-Discovery and discuss the role of health information management professionals in the e-Discovery process. Also discuss why it is important for HIM professionals to know which departments feed clinical information into the legal electronic health record and what systems are used by these different departments.

Discussion: Legal and Security Considerations in HIM

Search the AHIMA web site and other internet sites for articles that have been written on HIPAA, ARRA and HITECH compliance. Retrieve two or three and summarize the important concepts (be sure to include the article reference). What information have you discovered from this search that is not addressed in this learning plan? Compare your findings to that of a classmate. Consider how HIPAA, ARRA and HITECH contribute to the security of EHR implementations and legal ramifications.

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