The Military Leadership

The Military Leadership

The post comprises of two asignments

1 The Military Leadership

2 the social and cultural processes generating the production of diverse contemporary identities


The Military Leadership

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Utilizing personal experiences, discuss the identified topic with supporting references in MS Word Document, 4-5 FULL PAGES (title, abstract and reference pages are not included in this count) in APA Format. 3) Include a title, abstract, introduction, body, conclusion, and reference page.


the social and cultural processes generating the production of diverse contemporary identities

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Module Rationale:
module examines the social and cultural processes generating the production of diverse contemporary identities and the decentring of traditional and modern identities and the structure versus agency debate including the self-reflexive project. The module aims to critically explore the cultural forms and practices produced and consumed in the expression of identity, which will include the body as a self-project. Lectures will be organised around themes such as ethnicity, gender and sexual identities, new social movements, the spatial location of identity, corporate identities, identity and material culture, techno and cyber identities, and national and cosmopolitan identities.
To critically evaluate the consumption versus creativity debate with regard to new social movements and modern issues of identity and the practical implications of this debate
You will be given an exam paper with a range of titles; you will choose one title and have two weeks to research the topic and write the answer under exam conditions. This will involve exploring the issues of identity formation, the process and level of agency involved in that process. The issues of structure and it applicability to the current era.

Essay title
The Child poverty action group cannot change the extent to which consumerist consumption shapes the identities of the poor leaving them with little or no agency to reject this or create a new identity. Critically evaluate the statement.

To Include

To use (CPAG) Child poverty action group as the new social movement for this essay, aims and goals

Structure V agency/ consumption V creativity
A brief history about CPAG

Keep it UK based
Very briefly what is agency and structure and agency
A brief history on new social movements, What are they and when did they emerge

Gouvernment policies to aradacte child poverty in UK and how it has failed
Joseph Roundtree stasitcs on how plans are failing
Bring in Herbermans, Tilly and Giddins view on these and culture etc
Castelle on consumerism
Merton strain Theory
Kin Cald

A brief history on
How structure and agency are a barrier for this movement and people in poverty or can help, an example the government can be a barrier by saying people can get themselves out of poverty
Talk about civil rights/moral rights

Class/gender/race and how these are effected by poverty

Link in structure and agency to poverty
Bring in consumption v creativity debate and link to poverty, an example children in poverty can not keep up with latest trends causing children to feel isolated in society and the barriers this causes in relation to creativity

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